Retabet Group success story

Grupo RETAbet relies on Four9s as a Monitoring and Analysis tool for its core business

Grupo RETAbet is a technology company specialized in the sports betting sector with more than 15 years of experience and a turnover, at this time, of 1,800 million euros. As its own philosophy, Grupo RETAbet remains faithful to its philosophy of firmly believing in continuous Innovation, designing and developing at 100% its own betting systems.

With more than 400 employees, Grupo RETAbet, establishes the base of its success in talent, professional rigor, and above all in transparency, trust, security, always oriented to the end user, to position itself as one of the companies of reference in the world of betting.

“ In periods of greater activity in our business, we received incidents from users due to the slowness of the platform at specific times

Investigating a posteriori what and why it had happened was very complicated or almost impossible”

RETAbet Group Challenges

Grupo RETAbet began operating in 2008 with a few dozen self-service terminals and a hundred daily bets. Today, there are more than 3000 terminals, an online betting platform serving several countries and millions of daily bets, all managed by a technological platform developed in-house, and where Microsoft SQL Server is a critical element of the core business.

Grupo RETAbet has a Technical Department in charge of both development of the necessary processes and the administration of the Database servers. The main concern was that the platform consists of a large number of processes that need to be executed hundreds of millions of times a day, which makes necessary to have a tool that allows to keep this platform healthy, with more than acceptable response times and operationally. available 99.99%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“One of the main reasons that have helped us to make this decision is the ability of Four9s to analyze the information of what is happening in the database servers second by second, and Panel in Real Time that shows the direct relationship between the metrics of the system with the processes that are running“

Four9s is the answer

Four9s, raised the challenge, and after various proofs of concept of several products already on the market, helped Grupo RETAbet to know what its ecosystem was, how the ecosystem was evolving, and above all to understand how business variables was interacting and impacting, until then, Grupo RETAbet were not considered them as a critical element.​

On a platform such as Grupo RETAbet has, the need to have information and analysis capacity up to the second was immediately demonstrated, and not to have the information every 5 or 10 seconds.

In addition, it was clear that modules such as the Database Objects or the Search and download of code, saved a considerable amount of hours both in the management and in the development of new projects.

“ We did not have a starting point that would allow us to quickly find what was causing this deviation”


In such a complex environment, where customer experience and performance degradation imply opportunity costs, loss of customers and brand image and consequently, impact on direct revenue, Four9s is now a critical tool. ​

In addition, the RETAbet Group Database team considers Four9s, as the only and necessary tool for management, development and support, optimizing processes and solving incidents.

In short, the implementation of Four9s in the RETAbet Group has been a great success, providing knowledge, improving the service and above all, peace of mind.

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