Five times higher in Analysis capabilities
SQL SERVER Monitoring and Alerts​
Our customers
Don’t get lost with too many useless metrics

Just get the relevant information and the metrics you need to solve the incidents.

Fast and easy to understand what is happening

Quickly pinpoint the root of the incident.

More relevant information

Information that helps you to get a quick diagnostic.

Smart Alerts System

With information of why it has happened.

The difference is in the product

The only panel in Real Time with an analysis capacity 5 times higher than any other tool on the market.


Replay the status of the system at any time in the past while Four9s continues monitoring and collecting info​.


Avoid incidents by setting your critical business alerts, which may cause service downtime​.

" After Four9s implementation, RETABet group has been able to dramatically increase the stability of database systems, as well as decrease the time dedication of our DB specialists by optimizing proccesses and solving incidents.

Félix Font Quiles – CTO Grupo Retabet