Observability of SQL Server
Four9s is the solution to help you keep your SQL Server servers as healthy as possible.
With detailed, up-to-the-second information about your system activity, you can analyse and optimise your database processes with unique features.
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Why should you choose Four9s?
Monitor your SQL Server activity up to the second

Thanks to Four9s ability to collect data every second, you have access to a complete and up-to-date view of the activity on your database servers. This allows you to quickly and easily understand the reasons behind any system degradation.

Keep your system performing and available

Take advantage of Four9s unique features to optimise your database processes and ensure your system runs optimally and healthily. This will dramatically improve your service!

Significantly reduce the time it takes to resolve incidents.

With just a few clicks, you can identify the source of any problem and access the necessary tools for analysis and resolution. This will save you time, significantly reducing the hours spent on troubleshooting.

Gain peace of mind

Be proactive by knowing all the details of your system and its relationship to business KPIs. This allows you to anticipate potential issues in the future and address them before they become major problems.

Give an answer to the problems of your SQL Server business databases
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"For HTMédica, Four9s, it has been like the Rosetta Stone, because it has allowed us to discover where the boot failure came from and where the conceptual design problems of the architecture of our databases were"

Manuel Díaz Pérez Head of IT at HT Médical

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"A second after Four9s was installed, it began to collect information and we observed in its Real Time Panel that there were peaks in certain processes, it was easy to find them, and we were able to contrast and review it with our development provider to be able to execute those improvements"

Antonio de Luis García Senior Infraestructure Manager at Pepper Money

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"After Four9s implementation, RETABet group has been able to dramatically increase the stability of database systems, as well as decrease the time dedication of our DB specialists by optimizing proccesses and solving incidents"

Félix Font Quiles CTO at Grupo Retabet

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