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Four9s full suite
  • Keep control of your SQL servers.
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Valid for cloud environments , IaaS Azure, Amazon Web Services and others.
  • Everything stays in your infrastructure.
  • All of your organization's data will remain in your data centers.
Four9s for MSP
  • Designed for Managed Service Providers as a value added for your clients.
  • Keep control of your clients' business operations by installing Four9s in your Data Centre.
  • Easy installation and setup. Quick access to your clients' SQL Server instances.
  • Contact our specialists to make your Managed Service Team life easier
Top features that our 49s Monitor customers absolutely love
Real-time: second by second
Real-time Monitor

You will be able to relate in a single panel the system metrics related to SQL Server and the activity of the SQL Server engine with the processes that are running and their consumption. This will help you quickly identify the relationship of the processes that cause CPU consumption, which ones read the most, those that use tempdb the most, etc.

In addition, the monitor has visual and acoustic alerts in case any indicator exceeds its thresholds.

All this detailed information, second by second, is stored for as long as you want, with the aim of quickly and effectively understanding any past incidents.

​ ​

Having such detailed information, it will be very easy to discover how a lock started, which process is causing that high CPU, etc.

Replay: Review past activity​
  • Analyze past activity easily as if you had been there at that moment thanks to the collection of data second by second.
  • Recognize the origin of the locks in a matter of seconds or the processes that have caused that system degradation.​
  • From the Four9s incident system, you will access the replay to analyze that exact moment in time, observing the moments before and after the impact on the system. ​
  • For each process, you will have details of CPU, LR/PR, tempdb consumption, parallelism, and locks. Even who and from where it is being executed
Analyze the bahavior of your business processes​
  • Get detailed information about the current statistics stored in the SQL Server cache and their evolution over time.​
  • Monitor the consumption and performance of all stored procedures, functions, and triggers in your databases to identify any significant changes.​
  • Analyze the causes of degradation in the performance of a process, whether due to changes in the execution plan or in the underlying code, and have the ability to compare previous and current execution plans, as well as identify who made changes to the code. ​
  • Capture complete executions that meet specific criteria to examine their actual execution plan and better understand their performance and behavior in the system. ​
Ad Hoc Queries

Just like with database objects:​

  • You can explore all ad hoc queries within a time interval just like with database objects.
  • Analyze the evolution of queries over time.​
  • Observe the current statistics in the SQL Server cache and the number of associated plans to find non-parameterized queries.
  • Know the other queries associated with the batch it belongs to.
  • Search for free text in the SQL Server cache.
Incident management and proactivity
Incidents Panel

In the Four9s incident panel, you will find the incidents that have been generated according to the thresholds specified in the configuration.

If Four9s indicates that a stored procedure has degraded, with a click, it will open the object, and you can analyze its behavior with the functionalities mentioned above.

If Four9s indicates that the CPU was high, with a click, it will open the Replay tool, and you can analyze second by second that period before and after the CPU peak.

These incidents can be integrated for sending to an email, Teams, Jira, etc...

All the information about your disks and databases
Databases Panel

This section provides you with information about the disks, the impact each database has on system resource consumption, as well as current sizes, growth projections, etc. ​

When accessing the details of a database, you will obtain information about the current size of the data, indexes, and the number of rows in each table, as well as the evolution over time of these concepts.​

If you delve into one of your tables, you will discover valuable information that will allow the DBA to make decisions regarding index and statistics maintenance, as Four9s can indicate which database processes are using them.


The Jobs monitor will allow you to view the current status of scheduled tasks, that is, if they have failed in their last execution, where a task that is currently running is, how long they have taken, where they have taken longer, as well as the execution history of each task.

Additionally, you can configure incidents to receive notifications if a task has failed or if it is taking longer than expected, as certain processes require one or more tasks to have been executed previously.

Code search and audit
Search and download code

If you develop your business databases, this functionality will save you a great deal of time when you have to work on a project that involves changing database objects. ​

  • It allows complex searches of code fragments in database objects.
  • Quick view of the code of processes that meet the search criteria.​​
  • Tracking of potential changes for the ongoing development. ​​
  • Multiple download of code from selected objects.​​
Aplication errors and aborted connections
Error panel

These functionalities allow database administrators to have visibility of errors that may occur in SQL Server.

  • Capture errors with severity 10 or higher, which will allow you to be informed of errors such as an application calling a stored procedure that no longer exists, or with incorrectly placed parameters. ​​​
  • General errors in SQL Server.​​​
  • Applications that timeout when calling a stored procedure or query, with information about the parameters with which it has been executed.​​​

Mobile phone app

View your database instance real-time information

Main panel

View the status of all of your monitored database instances.


Receive intelligent alerts and access to the data that produced them.


Process real-time data.


Solve an incident using just the Four9s mobile phone app.

It's not just monitoring, it's observing

Other features:

Process Comparer

Do you need to compare time periods?

  • Thanks to this functionality you can answer questions such as: Why have I had a CPU of 45% in this period of time or why on Saturdays at 20:00 I have a CPU of 45% and on Mondays at the same time it is 25%? Which processes or queries are executed more or have degraded?....
  • Since Four9s stores the consumption information of all database processes, not just the top ones, you know what has generated that total activity on the server.
  • Thanks to benchmarking, you can quickly analyse the differences in activity between time slots and thus discover degraded processes, even new processes that have started running and were not running before.

Process Reports


  • Export reports with the evolution of SQL Server counters as well as business counters.​
  • One of the features of Four9s is the ability to inject, through an API, information about business KPIs with the aim of relating these values to system consumption. These business KPIs are visualized in this section and in the "Real Time" and "Replay" sections seen previously.
  • For example, in a bank, it is not the same for the system to consume with 20 transactions per second as it is with 200 transactions, and thanks to this relationship, it is possible to discover: which processes start consuming more, which ones are called more often, and even project the consumption that the system would have if that business indicator increased.

Error Explorer


  • Deadlocks
  • Errorlogs
  • Dumps
  • Corrupted databases

Plan Analyzer


  • Explore the use of indices and statistics in the processes.
  • Identification of changes in implementation plans that will have an impact on your processes

Kill Sessions

Server Sessions Report

  • Latest known statement
  • Kill
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