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Our customers
  • Keep control of your SQL servers.
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Valid for cloud environments , IaaS Azure, Amazon Web Services and others.
  • Everything stays in your infrastructure.
  • All of your organization's data will remain in your data centers.
Four9s for MSP
  • Designed for Managed Service Providers as a value added for your clients.
  • Keep control of your clients' business operations by installing Four9s in your Data Centre.
  • Easy installation and setup. Quick access to your clients' SQL Server instances.
  • Contact our specialists to make your Managed Service Team life easier
Real Time Panel
  • Running processes metrics
  • Focus on the tempDB consumption
  • Parallelisms + Blocking processes
  • Business data indicators
  • Always On status
  • IO
  • Recompilations
  • Open cursors
Database Dashboard
  • Database Consumption
  • Consumption by tables, evolution in rows, Backups
  • DB Visibility by Last capture of Four9s
  • DB Visibility in previous day
  • Database sizes
  • Data and log files
  • Daily growth
  • Calculation of days and projection of necessary space
  • Evolution and Performance of the database
  • You don’t need to be connected to the server when a service degradation occurs to be able to discover the reasons that produced it!.
  • Travel back to any previous system status
Bespoke alerts system
  • Configure your settings to be notified before the things get worse.
  • You can get notifications through e-mail, mobile app or Telegram
  • The sooner you are notified, the sooner you can solve any problems in the database.
Job Activity
  • Job activity second by second
  • History of executions
  • Configuration of incidences in case of failure or long duration

It’s not only about monitoring, it’s about analysing

Other features

Process Comparer

Compare information among two timeframes to discover which processes are performing worse. You can relate these processes with business counters.

  • Discover any unexpected changes in your data ecosystem

Process Diagnostics

Using the Four9s process-oriented tools, you can diagnostic any performance issue or process degradation:

  • Resources metrics trending graphs
  • Statements real-time statistics
  • Process changes control
  • You can access to the historical information of the estimated execution plans
  • Real and estimated execution plans comparison

Process Reports

You can access to the tables and databases monitoring reports, sorted by database resources consumption.

  • Database size and number of rows evolution
  • Indexes and statistics information
  • We automatically give you some pieces of advice: indexes with duplicated roots, duplicated statistics, unused indexes
  • SQL Server recommendations reports: recommended indexes
  • Business counters

Error Explorer

Review the SQL Server engine error log.

  • Deadlocks
  • Errorlogs
  • Dumps
  • Corrupted databases


The advance search tool will allow you to find SQL fragments in any kind of object in the SQL Server.

  • The advance search tool will help you to save a lot of time when you need to review the processes code.
  • You can quickly access to the source code of the processes.
  • Using the preview feature, you can quickly access to multiple SQL Server objects code just using the cursor keys.
  • Quickly download multiple processes source code.

SP Analyzer

Take advantage of the execution plan analysis service and immediately detect any issues that can eventually lead to a service degradation.

  • Explorer the indexes and statistics usage in the database processes
  • Uncover new parallelisms

Kill Sessions

Database engine sessions report

  • Last known statement
  • Kill
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