If you are CTO
  • Not enough resources, CPU usage, Out of Memory?

    Perhaps the host of your SQL Servers are not properly sized, limited in CPU or Memory usage assignements.If you have not a tool focused on SQL Server, which can provide you with recommendations, you will probably not be able to make decisions according to business needs.

  • Do you need to find and fix performance issues on your Production SQL Servers? 

    Identifying the root cause of performance problems and analyzing them across the entire infrastructure can be a time waste and frustrating for your team. 

  • Does your team not find the root of the problems?

    When you need to double check what happened in a period of time where you experience a lack of service, and your team has done as much as possible without having a resolution, it generates disappointment. Perhaps you still don't have a tool dedicated only to SQL Server or it is not the right one to have visibility and capillarity in the results.

  • Monitoring reports? 

    The criticality of reports appears when you do not have the answer to your needs. To make good reports you need inmediate data and in detail.

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