You are DBA
  • Lack of performance information focused on your SQL servers?

    A performance monitoring solution that is not exclusively focused on your Microsoft SQL Server platform may have some value, but it is limited value, you will never have the detailed information you need to find and fix your performance issues.

  • ¿ Are you in a permanent conflict to find out what is causing your SQL Server performance problems?

    Identifying the root cause of performance problems is not an easy task. The DBAs are "firefighters" and not do your job proactively.

  • Missing tracking data?

    If you don't have a monitoring and analysis solution yet, or it does not provides you with the real time data, you are spending your time trying to find and solve the cause of the problems.

  • Not enough performance details?

    If your current product is collecting info but is not detailed enough, you will be looking the answers in wrong places to solve your incidents.

  • And what about technical support?

    If your current solution does not provide adequate support, you have the feeling that you are wasting your time waiting for an answer that never comes while your business users lose their patience. Because of our experience, Four9s will make to change radically your perception of the support teams.

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